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Blackbriar - Fairy of the Bog (Single Review)

Earlier this month goth rock / alt metal group Blackbriar dropped a new single titled "Fairy Of The Bog". I definitely didn't expect new music from them, since they just put out their "The Cause Of The Shipwreck" album in April. But I am loving what I'm hearing! This song is fantastic! It has a very ethereal quality to it, along with their signature hauntingly wonderful vocals, and some killer rifffs. The video itself is so cool! It shows their singer walking through a mossy forest with glowing blue orbs all around, and dancing with some white clad figures. It was incredibly well done. I enjoyed it a lot, and the video really illustrated the story of the song perfectly. I highly suggest checking this out if you haven't heard it yet! ~Gangis

Image credit: Still from the music video for "Fairy Of The Bog" by Blackbriar.

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