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Falling In Reverse - Zombified (Single Review)

Rock band Falling In Reverse dropped a new single yesterday titled "Zombified". I heard it on the radio today and was like whoa what's that? This song kicks ass! It starts off with an electronic voice saying "Zombified" before going into a fantastic song with elements of pop punk, electronic, metalcore, and even maybe a touch of djent. I love it! The riffs are fantastic! The vocals are great and have a very classic pop punk feel, and some of the lyrics are super clever in their rhymes. This song has just so many different sound styles going on, and yet it works very well. It all fits together perfectly. I love it! The music video is super badass. Like the song, it has a few different elements seamlessly put together. It's got a lot of CG videogame-esque footage, which is spliced with real footage of the band, and it creates a very interesting and awesome zombie fighting type video. The ending is totally badass. I enjoyed this immensely! I highly recommend checking it out! ~Gangis

Image credit: Still from the music video for "Zombified" by Falling In Reverse on Epitaph Records.

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