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Halocene - Given Up (Linkin Park Cover Review)

Halocene is back with another killer rock cover! This time, it's Linkin Park's hit song "Given Up" off their 2007 "Minutes To Midnight" album. This cover is absolutely fantastic! The whole thing is great, but towards the end when their bassist/singer is screaming, I was completely blown away. I didn't realize he could scream like that. It's so raw and powerful, and it sounds so much like Chester. I love it! I also really like the brief moment where Addie takes over and the song mellows out, it's a nice touch. The riffs and drums and everything were absolute on point. They not only sound great, but they also totally captured the emotion and spirit of the song. For sure one of the best LP covers I've heard. I highly recommend checking it out! ~Gangis

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