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Mercy (2014)

Right from the beginning, this Blumhouse supernatural horror, based on a Stephen King short story, has us asking questions. It starts off in 1967, a woman holding a baby, a man comes downstairs with an axe, you think he's going to kill them, but he then turns the axe on himself. We then get the opening credits with some rather creepy art and knickknacks with dramatic music. We then see the bonding between the protagonist and his grandmother. She teaches him that he has some inner strength and can overcome his bullies. This is a great setting of the scene and I really feel for the characters.

Unfortunately, as most horror films do, things quickly go to shit, and grandma has some sort of incident, we find out she made a very dark deal, and this quickly becomes a battle of will between some sort of demonic entity and the Georgie. One detail I particularly liked was the weeping book. I thought it was really unique and interesting and not quite like anything else I've ever seen before.

The cinematography and the storytelling are phenomenal! Great use of suspenseful music. I enjoyed this one a lot. The story is creepy as hell! I feel like it was super anti-climatic though. It built and built and the tension was high and then it was just sort of over. Like, up until they showed Hastur, it was fantastic. Showing him using Gramma as a puppet was very disturbing. But the climax was painfully anti-climatic. They could have done something to draw it out a bit more or something? Can we get an uncut version or something? I don't know. I definitely did enjoy this film though, and it's a good example of "be careful what you wish for, there's always consequences." But due to it's plot holes, lack of thorough explanation, and rushed ending, I'm only going to give it a 3/5 stars. ~Gangis

Image Credit: Movie poster for "Mercy" 2014 by Blumhouse.

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