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Midsommar (2019 Movie Review)

Last night, after hearing mixed reviews since it came out, I finally checked out Midsommar. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is! The story, the cinematography, the little details that make it feel like an acid trip, the lighting and camera angles, the fx, everything is absolutely fantastic! I think this movie is somewhat wrongfully classified as horror. It has some elements of horror, but it isn't really that scary? In the beginning with how dark and anxiety inducing it is, clever editing shows us what happened without being overly graphic, but it did a great job showing us the sister and parent's deaths. When Dani got to Sweden, I noticed the insanely different tone of the film. Everything was bright and sunny and beautiful, whereas the lighting in the first segment was all very bluish and bleak. I also saw right off the bat that I loathed her boyfriend, and I was glad for what he got in the end. There were so many references to the rituals and foreshadowing that made it easy for someone like myself to find the story pretty predictable, but there definitely were a few details that caught me off guard such as the "flower power blood eagle" and the wearing of someone's skin. The little details throughout were flawless. The random blooming of the flowers, the brief reference to the love spell towards the beginning, events being predicted by paintings on the wall, even the tables during the first feast being arranged in an Othala rune. These all helped the story feel so much more real. What few scenes we got that were brutal were just that. Brutal as hell and very realistic. The elders jumping in particular was very graphic, but in an odd ritualistic way very beautiful. In the end, I love that she finally accepted that she was where she's meant to be. I was afraid they were going to go full stereotypical horror survival girl trope and have her trying to escape or something. I'm glad that instead she embraced being there, it made for a much more interesting and powerful ending. While the entire concept of the film is rather fucked up, and the disturbing scenes are very disturbing, I still don't see this movie as super scary. The amount of gorgeous scenery and dancing and drug induced flower power made it much less so. But that doesn't take away at all from how much I enjoyed the film. It's definitely one I'm going to have to rewatch a few times, at varying states of sobriety. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't yet. ~Gangis

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