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TANZWUT - Live at Online Musik Festival 2021 (Livestream Concert Review)

I was super excited when I found out medieval metal/NDH band Tanzwut did a livestreamed concert! I've been a fan of theirs for a few months, and hadn't seen any live footage. Wow what a stage presence!

They started off with the title track from their new album "Die Tanzwut Kehrt Zuruck", which is an absolute banger, and a fantastic way to start the show. This was their first song I ever heard, and it was definitely enough to draw me in and make me an instant fan. Then they played another single off of their new album "Bis Zum Meer", which is an incredible song, but live it has even more emotion behind it. I love it! I don't think I've seen accordions and bagpipes on stage with a metal band, like, ever. So cool.

The whole show is very theatrical. All sorts of props, elaborate costumes, a cool light show, and some fire. What else could you want from a badass German band? I love this! They also sound just as good, if not better on the stage as they do in the studio. They played a few songs I knew, and a few I didn't, but they all were fantastic. I enjoyed this show a lot! I highly recommend giving it a watch. ~Gangis

Image credit: Still of Tanzwut from the Online Musik Festival

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